According to estimates, more than 50% of all jobs in the current market can be done in a remote working environment. However, the percentage of employees who actually spend a major chunk of their time working remotely is less than 10%. For many workers, the current Covid-19 situation seems to be setting the stage for a permanent shift from office space to working from home full-time. Remote workers choose to work from home over the
We’re living and working in trying times and how we engage with our team members on a daily basis has changed dramatically. A good manager, both today and in a post-pandemic world will always keep the mental health of their employees at the forefront of their leadership. It’s long been known to good managers that an unhappy employee leads to poor productivity. A satisfied employee will use more initiative and work more productively in an
In the midst of a global pandemic, you can be forgiven for wanting to put your business plans on hold. But with loss comes opportunity, and with an unemployment rate in Australia currently sitting at 7.4%, there’s more choice now than there’s ever been to explore growing industries in Australia as your next entrepreneurial opportunity.  According to the Labour Market Information Portal (LMIP), employment numbers are set to increase in 85% of key industries in
It’s a common question growing businesses who need help with their human resources ask: What’s the difference between payroll outsourcing and Professional Employment Organisations (PEO)? And, which one is best suited to my business? There’s little wonder so many business owners and managers get confused. They’re both designed to save on the internal resources, time and money of a business. They also typically use similar cloud-based payroll systems and have to abide single touch payroll laws
Australia has in recent years become an attractive option for US companies wanting to do business in Australia. We’re the 12th largest economy in the world, with the mining sector growing exponentially each year, the economic environment getting more stable and rich government incentives for international companies making it even easier. As Australia’s leading Professional Employment Organisation, we talk to United States companies daily, who want to expand into Australia but don’t know the extent