In a few short months, the COVID-19 pandemic has put the survival systems of many countries’ economies to the test. To a considerable extent, the Australian economy and its manufacturing industry is one such example.  From financial distress to job loss and mental health issues, the capacity for sustainable self-sufficiency during these uncertain times has proven to be inadequate. For many of these issues, reliable and tangible solutions are needed as a matter of urgency. 
As announced by Centuro Global, Australia PEO, has been appointed as a key Global Partner for Australia. Centuro Global is an international organisation aiming to ease the global expansion process for all businesses, with the ultimate goal of democratising access to local expertise in overseas jurisdictions and innovating the delivery of professional services in a post-COVID world. With this new appointment, Australia PEO, will join a powerful network of global expansion experts and encourage further
It’s the age-old divide which has caused a bit of a stir in the corporate world: to contract or full time ? What do I mean by this? Let me paint a picture for you.  A professional one day decides that they’ve had enough of the corporate life. They decide to head out on their own – to start a new venture as a sole trader – for want of a better work-life balance and
According to estimates, more than 50% of all jobs in the current market can be done in a remote working environment. However, the percentage of employees who actually spend a major chunk of their time working remotely is less than 10%. For many workers, the current Covid-19 situation seems to be setting the stage for a permanent shift from office space to working from home full-time. Remote workers choose to work from home over the
We’re living and working in trying times and how we engage with our team members on a daily basis has changed dramatically. A good manager, both today and in a post-pandemic world will always keep the mental health of their employees at the forefront of their leadership. It’s long been known to good managers that an unhappy employee leads to poor productivity. A satisfied employee will use more initiative and work more productively in an

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