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Earlier in the year, companies of all shapes and sizes were hit with the devastating impact of Coronavirus, forcing the shutdown of thousands of businesses, and sending critical members of staff home to work. The recent pandemic as had such an effect, it’s urged around two-thirds of companies to send their staff home in Australia. The new remote working dynamic shook many businesses to the core – it was and still is, a new way
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It’s very common for small business owners to face challenges within their HR department. Payroll processing can chew up significant time and resources. But what many business owners don’t know is that you don’t actually need an internal HR department in the first place. When times are tough, and you’re drowning in complex employment law and employee maintenance, a Professional Employment Organisation like Australia PEO can offer your business and your employees some much-needed support.
PEO in Australia
For many years, Professional Employment Organisations (PEOs) like Australia PEO has been considered as growth partners for companies, which is why many have turned to the stability they offer in recent times of crisis. Businesses all over the world have been dealt some severe blows off the back of the economic consequence of Coronavirus. With limited access to expert HR knowledge, many business owners have been forced to let go of staff, slash business hours
Every country has its own unique conventions, nuances and “norms” when it comes to the way they conduct themselves in business, and Australian business etiquette is no different. As a US or UK business, understanding Australian business etiquette is vital to the success of your expansion into the country. We’re renowned for our laid-back, easy-going nature, but this doesn’t mean we’re relaxed or lazy. Professional networks are critical Australians are friendly, both in our professional
Experiencing growing pains? As a business entering into a new growth phase and expanding business into Australia, you’re likely experiencing an entirely new set of challenges. Going global, expanding your product line and developing your employee base can cause a whole lot of heartache and anxiety. Particularly for businesses and fast-growing start-ups expanding business into Australia, it might feel like you’re doing eight people’s jobs at once, all with inherently different expertise and skills. But,