It doesn’t matter how big your business is or how many staff it employs, mitigating as much risk as possible is crucial to survival. Although it’s impossible for a company to operate completely risk-free, businesses that are exposed to an abnormal amount of risk can ultimately ward off potential investors and customers. So how does a business minimise their risk so that they operate at a more secure level? Working with a Professional Employment Organisation
When it comes to getting assistance for some or all of your HR functions, you’re going to be faced with a number of options, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Both PEOs (Professional Employment Organisations) and ASOs (Administrative Services Organisations) are organisations that assist businesses by taking on their specific HR functions, which ultimately helps to alleviate expenses and save on resources. An ASO or PEO both serve unique purposes and are different in
employee leasing vs co-employment
When it comes to how businesses hire, there are a whole raft of different methods and service types to choose from. It can often become overwhelming, especially when the terms “co-employment” and “employee leasing” get thrown around. One common misconception about co-employment relationships is that the client company will lose a great deal of control and regulation over their business, particularly when it comes to employing staff. In essence, co-employment is essentially just a term
As a business evolves, so too do their needs and customers. At one stage in your business’s life, you might consider increasing your local footprint in your country, or you might look to expand globally. Either option will present itself with both opportunities and challenges, which is why many businesses choose to employ the help of local or international PEOs (Professional Employment Organisation) to help them along the way. There are two main types of
When it comes to balancing the books and keeping things in the black, every dollar amount counts. And, as a business grows and evolves, so too does its human resource demands. Freeing up time to assess each HR issue can take valuable focus away from your business’s core aspects. This is where specialized HR experts from Australia PEO (APEO) can help you rework some of the company’s more complex administrative tasks. By using a trusted

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